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What is the Wi-Fi used for?

The main function of the Wi-Fi is to use a smartphone as a screen to review dashcam footage, this feature accomplishes several tasks that are nice to have on a dashcam.

First of all, Wi-Fi eliminates the need for a built-in screen, and still allows easy access videos while retaining a very discreet form factor. With this function, in the event of an accident, the dashcam user could quickly show the footage to law enforcement which can help describe what happened without the need for a laptop or even removing the micro SD card.

Another benefit of the Wi-Fi function is the ease of changing settings, without Wi-Fi users have to plug the memory card in their computer and typically install a dedicated app to change the settings and then load that memory card onto the dashcam. With Wi-Fi, the settings change instantly and again users don’t run the risk of losing memory cards or forgetting to replace their device.

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