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How do I format the memory card?

You can format the memory card that is being used with the dashcam by using the smartphone app.

It is recommended to format any new microSD card you choose to use in the nano dash cam. On some occasions, you may also wish to format a card that is already in use.

Formatting a microSD card will delete all content, including protected or saved files. Ensure that you have removed all data you want to keep before formatting the card.

To format a microSD card inside the dash cam:

  1. Ensure the desired microSD card is inserted in the device.

  2. Connect your smartphone to the dash cam's Wi-Fi, and launch the RSC Viewer app.

  3. Temporarily pause the video recording by pressing the Red circle located at the bottom of the app, and then press the Settings menu button (Gear Icon).

  4. Scroll down until you locate the option named "Format SD Card".

  5. Tap on the option.  A message will be prompted to confirm the format process.  Press OK.

  6. After a few moments, you will be redirected back to the settings menu.

  7. Your microSD card is now formatted.

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