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How to use the smartphone app?

The RSC Viewer smartphone app allows its users to manage, view, and control your dashcam.  This article covers all of the available functions on the smartphone app.

Welcome page
Upon opening the smartphone app, you will be greeted with a welcome page.  This page contains a "Connect your camera" button, as well as various resources such as accessing downloaded videos.

Main page / Viewfinder
The main page/viewfinder is the main access page. The top of the screen will display the camera's current view (viewfinder), as well as buttons at the bottom of the app (From left to right: Video Library, Start/Stop Recording, and Camera Settings)

Video Library
Tapping on the Video Library button brings you to a page containing all video footage currently saved on your dashcam's microSD card. Tap on any thumbnail on this screen to playback the corresponding video recording.

Settings Menu
Accessing the Settings menu page by tapping onto the Gear icon located at the bottom right of the main page. The Settings menu allows you to change various settings on the camera.

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