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How do I adjust date/time of the camera?

You can adjust the date and time of the dashcam by using the smartphone app.

To update the date and time on your dashcam:

We would highly recommend using the option "Sync with device", as it will retrieve the current time from your smartphone and set it on the camera.

  1. Connect your smartphone to the dash cam's Wi-Fi, and launch the RSC Viewer app.

  2. Temporarily pause the video recording by pressing the Red circle located at the bottom of the app, and then press the Settings menu button (Gear Icon).

  3. Scroll down until you locate the option named "Camera Date".

  4. Tap on the option.  You should see two selections available (Sync with device, Set manually)

  5. Select your desired option, and press OK

  6. Your date and time has been updated

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