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How do I upgrade the camera firmware?

DO NOT unplug or power-off the camera during a firmware upgrade process, as it may cause irreparable damage to the camera.

To ensure a stable firmware upgrade, we recommend formatting the memory card prior to the upgrade process.

  1. Download latest firmware from our official website’s download page (Link), and unzip the downloaded file.
  2. Copy the extracted .bin file to the root of the Micro SD card.
  3. Insert the Micro SD card into the camera’s card slot once the transfer is completed.
  4. Connect the camera to a power source and then turn the camera ON.
  5. The LED indicator will start flashing to confirm the update’s progress.
  6. Once the upgrade is completed, the camera will automatically reboot.
  7. To verify the installed firmware version, access the ‘Version’ tab on the mobile app.
  8. Before using the camera, it is recommended to re-format the memory card using the smartphone app.


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