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I cannot connect to the Wi-Fi.

Re-establish Wi-Fi connection
  1. Remove previously saved information of the dashcam’s Wi-Fi in your smartphone’s Wi-Fi settings:
    • Android: press and hold the dashcam’s Wi-Fi SSID and when the pop-up appears, click on “Forget Network”.
    • Apple iOS: Click on the info icon and then click on “Forget this Network”.
  2. Power off your dashcam by unplugging the power adapter, or by holding the silver button at the back of the camera for 10 seconds.
  3. Switch off the Wi-Fi of your smartphone, and switch it back on after a few moments.
  4. Power on your dashcam by re-connect the power adapter, or by holding the silver button at the bank of the camera for 5 seconds.
  5. Re-connect your smartphone’s Wi-Fi and try to connect to the dashcam again.

The distance between the dashcam and the smartphone should not be more than 10 meters (32 feet).

Check if the Wi-Fi LED on the dashcam is ON or blinking. If it is not blinking, try to power cycle the device.

The dashcam’s Wi-Fi SSID should appear almost instantly in the Wi-Fi networks menu of the smartphone when the dashcam powers on.  It may, however, requires 15~20 seconds after startup to properly refresh on your smartphone’s Wi-Fi networks menu.

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