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The Wi-Fi connection constantly disconnects.

For Android Users:

  • Before connecting any Android device to the dashcam, make sure to turn off the “Smart Network Switch” option in the Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone. RSC nano  acts as a Wi-Fi access point for your smartphone or tablet, however it does not provide access to the Internet, thus the “Smart Network Switch” function may case disconnection with the dashcam.  To read more about “Smart Network Switch”, please refer to your smartphone/tablet’s User Manual.

For iPhone Users:

  • Before connecting your iPhone to the dashcam, make sure that the “Wi-Fi Assist” option is turned off (Go to Settings > Cellular. Then scroll down and tap the slider to turn off Wi-Fi Assist).
Distance between smartphone and camera

For a smooth Wi-Fi connection experience, the recommended distance between the dashcam and the smartphone should be within 10 meters (32 feet) of range.

Interference by other devices

Strong radio interference due to other electronic devices (such as toll-road transponders) in the car may affect the Wi-Fi connectivity of the dashcam, and may cause random disconnect from the smartphone. To troubleshoot this issue, turn off and/or relocate all other electronic devices, then try to connect again.

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